A new era is dawning at Topp McWhorter Harvey, PLLC! As we started to prepare for the future 20 years, we realized we needed to take the time to reexamine and reevaluate our brand. We wanted to examine our core vision, mission, and culture. We also have been feeling the urgency of getting to know our new and upcoming audience group. What we found was incredible. We found heart and passion. We found that everyone on our team said the same things. Everyone loves the foundational inheritance of our core story. That was so exciting to find. And, we got to know our audience.

So aiming to change the way we are presenting ourselves to the world and reconnect with our growing clients, we approached this rebrand challenge with a nod to our inheritance that made this place special.

While staying true to our unique story, we redeveloped the brand with a new aesthetic, redesigning not just the overall identity system, and graphic styling, but the way our daily operations are set up as well.

We are very excited about our new era.

so what’s new?

the mark

Our logo symbolizes our founding principles, our work-family unity, and authentic character.

Our icon represents our trinity principles: we are team-driven, family-centered, and client-focused.

As the circle is the symbol of unity, we use our circle to represent the unity within our team. The opening in the outer circle represents our care for our work-family. At TMH we know that the path is narrow when it comes to entering our work-family. We hold fast to our founding principles and values that filter through those who believe in WHY we exist. Our work-family is unique. It’s tough to find a firm with the level of care for its community and people as we do.

The intertwining yellow-gold and yellow in our icon symbolize just that–how we intertwine our lives with our clients so that we know them, their dreams, and their goals. Our purpose is to know our clients and what they are passionate about so that we can plan, prepare, and pursue financial success stories for our people.

The letter spacing found within our wordmark symbolizes our constant need for relying on one another within our team as well as our client’s ability to depend on us.

Our color palette signifies our unique character.

color palette

Our color palette signifies our unique character.

Two colors form the basis of the TMH identity system: TMH Blue and Yellow-Gold.


This color is one of trust, responsibility, honesty, and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn’t like to make a fuss or draw attention. It hates confrontation and likes to do things in its own way. Reliable and responsible are just a few of the character traits of our TMH blue. This color exhibits an inner security and confidence. Very fitting to represent the character of TMH, blue represents a reliability of doing the right thing in difficult times.


The color yellow-gold is the color of creativity, new ideas, and ambition. The personality of yellow-gold is one of perfection and analytical thinking, all the time. It is the color of methodical thinking. True to the personality and character of TMH, yellow-gold reveals and communicates our desire for creative analytical thinking.

what does this change mean for you?

Though there are many visual changes, at TMH, we will continue in our commitment to assisting our current client base while investing in the core values of the next generation of young professionals and entrepreneurs. The goal has always been to help people realize their dreams with confidence; to partner with people in building a solid financial foundation for their futures and the futures of their families. Though our look has changed, our dedication remains tried and true.

We don’t just advise,

we partner.

We don’t just guide,

we usher.


Passion is People.


We appreciate your continued support.

Partner With Us

We want to be on your team. Let us hear from you so we can connect you to one of our partners.

Partner With Us

We want to be on your team. Let us hear from you so we can connect you to one of our partners.